Welcome Message

As the Chief Academic Officer, I would like to welcome you to our training center. Our main focus is on TESOL. STC was created in 2008, and is accredited by ITAA (International TESOL Accreditation Authority).  STC aims to guide and inspire student trainees to be successful through:

Students at STC are proud to be part of an excellent academic program, and they understand how the course is beneficial not only for their personal development, but also for the development of our nation. STC’s high standards also extend to our different services such as diploma in English studies and American Accent Training, and to social needs as well. STC is directly committed to a high quality of learning, research, training and services. Adapting to social needs, STC will have a secure, influential standing for many years to come. By putting an emphasis on quality education, we ensure that our courses are as effective as possible.

STC sets high standards and we are constantly improving our courses to always be as competitive, efficient, and practical as possible.   At STC, this model defines our center as an educational institution committed to the transmission both of knowledge and of the innovative results that emerge from research. In this way, STC aims to go on being a model for our society that contributes greatly to the sustainable development of our country. STC is dedicated to improving our society by using education, understanding and compassion to contribute to the positive changes in Cambodia.

In life, success is never guaranteed, but with STC training, you will be taught the necessary language skills and habits in order to give you the greatest chance of success.  Your level of success at STC and in life depends on your level of dedication; the more dedicated you are to learning, the more successful you will be in life.  Having said that, I would like to welcome you to the proud group of STC trainees; you should hold your head high and be satisfied with knowing that you have made a wise decision to improve yourself, others, and your country.  Congratulations on taking this important step in your life, together we will create a brighter future.

Best regards,
KONG Veasna

MoU Signing Ceremony
Date: 2015-07-20
Teacher Leadership Workshop
Date: 2015-09-26
SPS CPV II Grand Opening
Date: 2015-07-03
Speaking Contest
Date: 2015-08-15
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